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Music to Warm Up

Artist: Various

Year: 1990
Country: Spain
Catalog No: Toracic Tapes TØ19
Format: Tape
 1 –Lustwig Van Biesthoven + Marc'o Dobra Dialogues With The Eye In The Sky
2 –Lustwig Van Biesthoven + Marc'o Dobra Mind Mirror
3 –Lustwig Van Biesthoven + Marc'o Dobra Here And Now (Live)
4 –Lustwig Van Biesthoven + Marc'o Dobra Frogs In The Abbey
5 –Marc'o Dobra Secrets Of The Ultimate
6 –Marc'o Dobra Hypno
7 –Marc'o Dobra Tscherno
8 –Marc'o Dobra Die Besucher
9 –Marc'o Dobra Zenautick
10 –Marc'o Dobra Open Out
11 –Traumspiel Reaktorbrand Im Elfental
12 –Online (7) Brasilian Parachutes Over Istambul Between
13 –Edition Holos Povunqnituk
14 –Minimal Maximalminimum Enochischer Tango
15 –Lustwig Van Biesthoven Mania Purifikation
16 –Philipp Stein L'e Conirnimy
17 –Overflow (16) The Hum / Take The Chance