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Mother Country / Fatherland

Artist: Various

Year: 1991
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Tak Tak Tak 5
Format: Tape

A1  –Blurt  Poppycock  

A2  –Nick Toczek  Family Life  

A3  –Left Hand Right Hand  Rank And File  

A4  –Su Andi  England  

A5  –Blurt  Authors (Live)  

A6  –Karl Blake  Royal Blue  

A7  –Ilona Vildebrand  Nightmare  

A8  –Nick Toczek  This England  

B1  –Anum Iyapo  Afrikan Man  

B2  –Graham Hartill, Karen Madsen, Chris Vine  Defending America The King And Queen Of The Islands

B3  –Peter Plate San Bernadino  

B4  –Karl Blake  Ugly Earth  

B5  –Raymond Bally  Sukhar Journeys West  

B6  –Ted Milton  Peace Begins With A Smile