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Gender: Male
Country: United Kingdom
Description: An English experimental post-industrial duo, it was started in 1979 by Andrew COX (1961-2009) and David ELLIOTT (b. 1961), the latter of whom at that time was involved in an independent music magazine “NEUMUSIK” and running a record label YHR (YORK HOUSE RECORDINGS) TAPES, opera- ting from 1979 to 1983. In 1986 the project was renamed PUMP, and rema- ined as such until it was disbanded in 1993. Non-formulaic and eclectic, its music skilfully fused the industrial avant-garde of rock music, minimal music, electronic krautrock, and industrial ambient. It relied on the caco- phonous sound of analogue synthesizers, collages on tapes, frugal guitar lines, and neurotic vocals. Thematically, it was concerned with a sense of alienation in the contemporary world and human destructive desires. Alongside his activities in the duo, COX released a number of cassette releases under his own name, and shared the stage with the likes of NURSE WITH WOUND and ATTRITION. ELLIOTT collaborated with O YUKI CONJUGATE, which included a temporary project MUTE CALM he formed with its member Andrew HULME. Selected discography: First Move (YHR Tapes 1980) tape as Andrew COX Arioch (YHR Tapes 1980) tape Within 30 Miles (YHR Tapes 1980) tape as Andrew COX Methods (YHR Tapes 1980) tape Masks (YHR Tapes 1980) tape as Andrew COX Hydra (YHR Tapes 1981) tape Ground Zero (YHR Tapes 1981) tape as Andrew COX Songs From The Earth (YHR Tapes 1981) tape Head (YHR Tapes 1983) tape as PUMP The Decoration Of The Duma Continues (Final Image 1987) LP