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Artist: Metgumbnerbone

Year: 1983
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: A-Mission Records, REV 13:18
Format: Vinyl Lp


A1 Untitled 10:39
A2 Untitled 9:32
B1 Untitled 9:55
B2 Untitled 10:49


LP in jacket with A4 insert.

"Ligeliahorn" was recorded during the summer of 1983 at The Ruins of Industry, Elswick, Newcastle-upon-Tyne; long abandoned post-industrial sites along the banks of the River Tyne providing ideal if somewhat hazardous environments for the sort of musical activity Metgumbnerbone is known for - i.e entirely live on location improv / action in which the location itself determined the musical outcome as much as did the performers and / or their instruments.