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Just Another Asshole

Artist: Various

Year: 1981
Country: United States
Catalog No: Just Another Asshole #5
Format: Vinyl Lp
A1 –Larry Simon Eggs Benedictus  
A2 –Dara Birnbaum Kojak/Wang  
A3 –Carla Liss Untitled  
A4 –Bobby G (2) Excerpt From Times Sq. Show Audio  
A5 –Wharton Tiers Incantation  
A6 –Carol Parkinson True Confessions  
A7 –Nina Canal Untitled  
A8 –Lee Ranaldo Shift  
A9 –Jenny Holzer Untitled  
A10 –Annea Lockwood Sound Stroke  
A11 –Michael Smith (8) / A. Leroy The Smith-Leroy Comedy Team  
A12 –Chris Nelson (5) Dinner Time  
A13 –Willie Klein Untitled  
A14 –Mitch Corber Simply Riding A Dream  
A15 –Mark Abbott Untitled  
A16 –Dan Graham Untitled  
A17 –Michael Shamberg On The Promontory  
A18 –Anne DeMarinis Radio Song  
A19 –Thurston Moore The Fucking Youth Of Today  
A20 –Andy Blinx / Don Hunerberg* Red Ants  
A21 –Vikky Alexander Calvin Klein  
A22 –John Howell (3) Dear John  
A23 –Salvatore Principato Untitled  
A24 –Nigel Rollings Penumbra  
A25 –Peggy Katz Grand Central Station  
A26 –Eric Bogosian Highway Patrol  
A27 –Herr Lugus Happy Police Horn  
A28 –Amy Taubin Door Stop  
A29 –Remko Scha Excerpt From "The Machines"  
A30 –Susan Russell Talking Art  
A31 –Bill Buchen Untitled  
A32 –Verge Piersol Well, Alice  
A33 –David Hofstra / Lynne Tillman Tell The Story  
A34 –D. Brown (3) K-4  
A35 –Sandra Seymour Dogs  
A36 –Phill Niblock Index Circa Seventy  
A37 –Barbara Kruger United Technology  
A38 –John Rehberger Fetish  
B1 –Paul McMahon / Nancy Radloff Turtles Travel Slower On Asphalt  
B2 –Bruce Tovsky Dub Bums  
B3 –Martha Wilson Untitled  
B4 –Ned Sublette Excerpt From "Slowly I Turn, Step By Step, Inch By Inch...."  
B5 –Glenn Branca Faspeedelaybop  
B6 –Gail Vachon You Will Start Out Standing  
B7 –B. Conan Piersol Deutchland Etude  
B8 –Gregory Sandow A Natural Death  
B9 –Stephan Wischerth Dirty Tape  
B10 –Bob George Warhead In The Forehead  
B11 –Judy Rifka It's True  
B12 –David Garland Long Song  
B13 –Mark Bingham 32 Bad Movies  
B14 –Michael Byron Excerpt From "Strangers In A Strange Land"  
B15 –Glenda Hydler / Susan Fisher It's Hot Love  
B16 –Laurie Spiegel Untitled  
B17 –Barbara Ess Entrada  
B18 –Kiki Smith Untitled  
B19 –Shelley Hirsch Untitled  
B20 –Peter Gordon Foreign Waters  
B21 –Arleen Schloss Watch Out - Verse 5  
B22 –Tod Jorgensen Sweden - Den Mother  
B23 –David Rosenbloom Voices And Chambers  
B24 –Doug Snyder Untitled  
B25 –Jon Rubin (4) Floating Cinema Excerpt  
B26 –Thomas Lawson Untitled  
B27 –Harry Spitz Pipe Music  
B28 –Rhys Chatham / David Linton Excerpt From "64 Short Stories"  
B29 –Isa Genzken Salutations Roma  
B30 –Daile Kaplan New Sneakers  
B31 –Kim Gordon And Miranda* Working Youth  
B32 –Sally A. White Untitled  
B33 –Joseph Nechvatal Crown Of Thorns  
B34 –Steven Harvey Friend Heart Alarm  
B35 –Sammy Marshall Harvey Radio Off  
B36 –Brian Doherty Untitled  
B37 –Rudolph Grey Evelyn McHale  
B38 –Richard Morrison Die  
B39 –Z'EV Excerpt From "Metal And Plastic"  
  • Compilation Producer [Editors] – Barbara Ess, Glenn Branca
Produced with the assistance of White Columns (Gallery)
Thanks to Joshua Baer

Audio magazine compiling mainly artists from the New York City "No Wave" scene. Stamped white cover & stamped labels. Sticker with tracklisting on back cover.