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Gender: Male
 Insekt was formed in 1989 by Mario Vaerewijck and Eric Van Wonterghem, respective members from the eighties legendary Belgian EBM bands Vomito Negro and Klinik. With their unique and compelling mixture of powerful rhythmic flare, nasty virulent synth strings, colliding sample collages, harsh angry vocals and characteristic freezing melodic lines, Insekt immediately caught the attention of the electronic crowds with their debut album "We Can't Trust The Insect". The follow-up full length CD "Stress" consolidated their talent and pushed them onto the forefront of the underground scene, especially after the cult band U2 proclaimed Insekt as their favourite electronic act, a compelling reference that definitely opened new doors exposing their music to an even wider audience. A success that continued to grow culminated by an extensive European tour for the promotion of their 3rd hyper innovative studio album "Dreamscape", and ultimately crowned by the explosive release of the live album "Live Creeps". At the end of 1994, after the band’s 5th album "In The Eye", and after steadily touring throughout Europe, Eric and Mario both felt the urge to cryogenically suspend the Insekt and focus on their respective (solo-) projects. Mario contributed vocals to Lowpass (2) and signed to a major label, while Eric set up Monolith and joined Dirk Ivens in Sonar.