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Genocide Organ

Gender: Male
Country: Germany
Description: A German power electronics group, initiated in 1985 by Klaus ”WILHELM HERICH” HILGER, DOC M. RIOT and D.A.X. From 1987 to 1988 they were aided by RAY TREATMENT, from 1989 to 1999 by Roland ”DIUTESC” FREISLER and since 1999 until the present by Michael ”BRIGANT MOLOCH” KECK, the leader of a closely related project ANENZEPHALIA. They gained conside- rable notoriety for their controversial live performances, in which they provocatively employed nationalist and pagan imagery and symbols, and racist slogans. Musically, they rely on the cacophonous feedback of sho- uted vocals and the dissonant sound of analogue synthesizers. Lyrically, they are concerned with freedom and factors determining interpersonal (international) relations. They make bold statements about the essence of humanity free of cultural imperative and argue that entangled sexuality (sadomasochistic relationships), military conflicts and racial segregation seem to prove the complexity of human nature, subdued ineffectively by the layers of culture. Since 1989 Klaus HILGER and Joachim KOHL have been running the TESCO ORGANISATION label and distributor (along with its sublabel FUNCTIONAL), one of the major imprints of industrial music, with many of its publications remarkable for their unusual conceptual packaging and artwork. Discography: Hinrichtung (Tesco Organisation 1989) tape