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Fluxus Anthology

Artist: Various

Year: 0
Country: Netherlands
Label: Slowscan
Catalog No: Slowscan Vol. 17A, Vol. 17B
Format: Vinyl Lp-3
Spezification: 2004 release Box-Set
A1 –Emmett Williams Interview (1995) 19:50
A2 –Ray Johnson (2) Shrinking Woman (1987) 1:15
B1 –Dick Higgins In Memoriam (1961) 8:00
B2 –Robert Watts String Record Composition (1969) 5:45
B3 –Marcel Alocco Pour Fluxus (1960/1967/1968) 12:37
C1 –Maurizio Nannucci Some Sounds (1995) 2:20
C2 –Joe Jones 5 Piano Pieces (1980) Excerpt 2:00
C3 –Al Hansen Intermedia L.A. Roadside Streetwise Poetry (1988) 1:18
C4 –Mieko Shiomi A Celestial Tune By 108 Marbles (For My Mothers Soul) (1991) 5:45
C5 –Ay-O Ay-O-Add Collection For George Maciunas From Ay-O (1981) 1:40
C6 –Jean Dupuy Paris - Bordeaux (1991) Excerpt 2:30
C7 –Dick Higgins Sonata For Prepared Piano (1981) 4:10
C8 –Carolee Schneemann Look What The Cat Dragged In (From Cats Can/New Nightmares/Ancient History) (1988) Excerpt 6:00
D1 –Eric Andersen Opus 32 (1963) 10:38
D2 –Yasunao Tone Anagram For Strings (1961) 6:30
D3 –Ben Vautier Musique De Ben (1998) Excerpt 1:40
E –Al Hansen Drip Music (Drip Event) 1959-1962 6:00
F –Al Hansen Drip Music (Drip Event) 1959-1962 6:00
Limited edition of 99 copies numbered on the box, the gatefold sleeve for the LP's and the 12" sleeve. Notation: Nr.1/350 - Nr.99/350. (nos. 100/350-350/350 were reserved for the 2LP-edition).

A1 - recorded live at the Artists museum, Lodz, Poland, May 8, 1995.
A2 - © Nick Maravell/Ray Johnson.
C2 - recorded live by Albrecht D. during festival Für Augen & Ohren, March 8, 1980, Berlin.

Tracks B1-B3, C4, and an extended version of C3 previously released on Slowscan's "Fluxus Anthology 30th Anniversary 1962-1992 Sound Events" box.

Bonus-12" in plain white sleeve with seperate transparent title sheet.