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Esoterica Landscapes 7

Gender: Mixed
Country: United States
An American group dealing in the experimental post-industrial and ambient music of esoteric/ritual complexion, active from 1987 to 1991. It was initiated by Tim ”FACTOR E.OFONE” STERNAT, a radio host, graphic artist and composer (known from 1981 to 1986 under the name PRIMORDIAL SOUP), who was aided by the couple Bonnie McNAIRN and Jim WILSON, previously of CRUOR. They gained certain acclaim for their versatile use of acoustic instruments, everyday and industrial objects, metallic sounds, as well as multi-effect units, samplers and slightly processed vocals. Applying the methods of free improvisation, they usually eschewed studio techni- ques of modifying or enhancing a recorded sonic material. They sought to express through their music their rapture at man’s mystical relation with the environment, nature and the universe. Their live performances, often of meditative nature, seemed to make references to transcendence and the need to liberate oneself from civilisation’s limitations. After the project’s termination, STERNAT, along with Karen SNEAD, Billy KELLY and a female artist known as LINH, ran a postindustrial/ambient act PLEASURE CENTER from 1992 to 1995 and the AWEFULL RECORDS label. Since 1995 he has been focused on solo projects, not necessarily music-related. McNAIRN and WILSON set up their own group VOICE OF EYE, a base for other offshoot projects of theirs, such as ASIANOVA, NOCTURE or KNIGHT SHADE.