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Echo Demo Echo

Artist: Various

Year: 1982
Country: Italy
Catalog No: Compact Cassette Echo
Format: Tape
  01.Tiptoe (20th Century Zorro)
02.Paradise (Twenty Century Zorro)
03.Orch (XX Century Zorro)
04.Mohair Mohdern Hair (XX Century Zorro)
05.Beaux Call (XX Century Zorro)
06.Sweet Citta (Polo Juve)
07.Illegalove (Polo Juve)
08.Oved (Miss xoX)
09.Summer (Tristan & The Technicolor)
10.Ski (Tristan & The Technicolor)
11.Cowboy (Tristan & The Technicolor)
12.Monoscope (Andy Warhol Banana Technicolor)
13.Zanussi (Andy Warhol Banana Technicolor)
B Seite
14.La Dolcevita (Andy Warhol Banana Technicolor)
15.Oved Over... (Miss xoX)
16.Glammy Glammy (XX Century Zorro)
17.1981 (1th January)
18.January (XX Century Zorro)
19.I Tell Desire (Luis Sinatra)
20.Freeezez (Magic)
21.Nights (Magic)
22.Interview (Miss xoX)
23.Naked (Hitler SS)
24.Mohair Mohdern Hair (XX Century Zorro)
25.Cat (Les Zanussi)
26.Etiquette (ZiX)