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Eating Out In Greensboro Volume One

Artist: Various

Year: 0
Country: United States
Catalog No: Upheaval, UP 4
Format: Tape
A1 Gentlemaniac - Destruction: Flora
A2 Stigmata 13th Floor
A3 Hippopotomus Connection - Dog Bosoms
A4 Chuck - For What It's Worth
A5 Gentlemaniac - Palmist / Politician
A6 Middlefinger - Can You Handle It
A7 Stigmata - Kandinsky's Dead
A8 Hippopotomus Connection - Giants
A9 David Nikias -Salvation Sermon
A10 Rudy Hinnant -Go Tell 'Em Where To Get Off
A11 Gentlemaniac - The Dream Always Ends
A12 Moth - ICU
A13 David Nikias - Process W/Radio
B1 Eugene Chadbourne - God Made Country Music
B2 F-Art - Redneck Vampire Raunch
B3 Chuck - Preparation
B4 Seth Dworkin - Beyond Our Control?
B5 David Nikias - Plastics I & II
B6 Eskatology - Suffer For Your Art
B7 David Nikias - Flip Lip