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Different Forms

Artist: Various

Year: 1994
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Hands Productions B002
Format: Tape


    Hands C008
A1 Consequence They Are Educated 4:21
A2 Severance Mystic No! 5:45
A3 Absent Minded (2) The Indifferent 5:21
B1 Needle Sharing Last House On The Right 4:48
B2 Atrum Signum 6:34
B3 Volition Allowed V2.0 3:51
    Hands C009
C1 Nouvelles Lectures Cosmopolites Eyes Of The Blind 2:59
C2 Telepherique Gewissenbisse 6:34
C3 Severance Battlefield 12:16
D1 SALT F.P. (First Shape) 3:24
D2 Advokat Ihrer Hoheit Jacqueline 4:24
D3 P·A·L All Systems Collapsed 1:44
D4 The Equinox / Sonnenwende Bird Of Pray 3:05
D5 Drape Excrement Excommunication 2:12
D6 Dies* Sonor 1/23 5:41



Hand-numbered edition of 200 copies in oversized box with booklet.

This is a release contains two cassettes that bear the individual catalog numbers C008 and C009.