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Artist: Various

Year: 1987
Country: Canada
Catalog No: Laissez-Faire Media Arts & Communications; LFAC 001
Format: Tape
A1 –S. Rosin*, R. Handel* Aural Excitement 4:26
A2 –Icon Sect Jiao 4:00
A3 –Fovea Kama 3:38
A4 –Disextion Enisle 4:01
A5 –Resilient Stomachs Squeal, Piggy, Squeal 4:14
A6 –Orthogonal Lines Waiting 3:40
A7 –Esruk Ventriloquist Transmitter 4:34
A8 –Madrigalist Bilo 3:46
A9 –Icon Sect Plegic 3:42
A10 –Resilient Stomachs Climax 5:06
A11 –Order Selichai Interface 5:02
B1 –S. Rosin*, J. Oglow*, B. Stapleton* Maya 7:32
B2 –Icon Sect Midiev 3:16
B3 –Fovea Raid 7:02
B4 –Disextion Disturbed 5:22
B5 –Resilient Stomachs Billy Bit The Dust 5:50
B6 –Orthogonal Lines Blow 5:55
B7 –Esruk Excerpt From "Peregrine" 8:10
B8 –Madrigalist Operatic 3:20
Companies, etc.
  • Licensed To – Blood 'N' Tongue – BT-00198701
  • Layout – James Rigney
  • Photography – John Oglow
  • Producer, Mastered By – Stephen Ugo Rosin
  • Text By – Stephen Ugo Rosin
Limited edition cassette release came packaged in a melted vinyl record which was wrapped around the cassette box requiring the purchaser to break the record off like opening a fortune cookie. This release featured artists from the Vancouver, BC area.

Liner Notes:
Cassette manufactured by Imperial Records, Vancouver.

LAISSEZ-FAIRE takes its hands off the wheel and says "You do the driving."
LAISSEZ-FAIRE is a response to the most primary of social axioms: "Supply and Demand".