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Artist: Various

Year: 1984
Country: Germany
Catalog No: IBM, none
Format: Vinyl Lp
Spezification: Box-Set


A1 Klaus Prünster Wunderwelt  
A2 Serge Blenner Equilibre I  
A3 Klaus Ager ORC 17  
A4 Otto Laske Meditations  
A5 Bill Schottstaedt* Daily Life Among The Phrygians  
A6 Andrew Schloss The Towers Of Hanoi  
A7 Horacio Vaggione Octuor  
B1 Klarenz Barlow* Cogluotobüsisletmesi  
B2 Erdenklang Jingle Bells  
B3 Roger Reynolds ... The Serpent-snapping Eye  
B4 Pierre Boulez Répons  
B5 Tod Machover Fusione Fugace  
B6 James Dashow Der Kleine Prinz (Excerpt)  


This is a box-set, released by IBM (the company). It encloses a book in 12"-format and a transparent vinyl LP. Preciously designed.
Teldec Direct Metal Mastering (DMM).