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Commando Bruno

Gender: Male
Country: Spain
The most prominent of the solo projects by Rafael FLORES, a Spanish composer initially associated with industrial avant-garde of rock music, and later with experimental post-industrial music. He debuted in 1981 and soon became one of the most active figures of the international cassette network. In 1985-1986 he was also a member of a legendary band DISENO CORBUSIER. He gained recognition for diverse work that merged various forms of musical expression. He drew on from the academic avant- garde electronic music, especially musique concre?te, but also explored the trance qualities of rhythmic patterns based on the primitive sound of the drum machine. The whole was arranged in the vein of a surreal/ abstract sound collage. He shelved the project for ten years in 1991 and focused on producing film scores and multimedia presentations for his photographs and paintings instead. Discograph1983) tape Visceras,  (Comando FloreFlores Reco1988) tape