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Charkow Underground

Artist: Various

Year: 1991
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Kentucky Fried Royalty ; none
Format: Tape


A1 Elsa* Goodbeye 80ies  
A2 Elsa* Fishes  
A3 Elsa* Question  
A4 Elsa* All  
A5 Aya* All In Motion  
A6 Aya* Mad Mama  
A7 Aya* World Of Pig Illusions  
A8 Aya* Pig Man  
A9 Sugar - White Death* Blue Song  
A10 Sugar - White Death* Untrue Drive  
A11 Rabbota Ho Plastic  
B1 Alten War And A Driver  
B2 Alten Grass  
B3 Kazma-Kazma* I'm With You  
B4 Kazma-Kazma* Avroras Salvo  
B5 Kazma-Kazma* Greedy Bee  
B6 The Nit Yellow Vomiting  
B7 The Nit Staying Dead  
B8 The Nit Nead  
B9 The Nit Wild Boars  
B10 Amoebaes* Black Rock 'N' Roll  
B11 Amoebaes* 7B (Shizo)  
B12 Rabbota Ho Maxim  
B13 Rabbota Ho Elephants And Birds