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Camouflage Nebula (Music From Preston)

Artist: Various

Year: 1981
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Camouflage Nebula Fanzine
Format: Tape
 Distorted - Anti Yank

Distorted - 5 Minutes More

Distorted - Mail Order Fashion

High Bias - Into Battle

High Bias - Killing Of The Cats

High Bias - Life Goes On

Furniture Music - Insanity Complex

Furniture Music - I Don't Like

Furniture Music - Reapers Call

Restless Day - If The Waves Stopped

Restless Day - In Crazy Balance

Restless Day - Forest Of Thoughts

Pete Dean - Excerpts From 'Ripping Jaws'

Pete Dean - Undanceable

Pete Dean - Calling Song

Pete Dean - Band-Aids For Bishops