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Black Star of the Spellcaster

Artist: Orpheus

Year: 1989
Country: United States
Catalog No: Little Mikey's Noise Factory, none
Format: Tape
A1 Walk Like Magic  
A2 Punched In The Face  
A3 Ride The Snake  
A4 Std Reactor  
A5 She's Crazy  
A6 Zello  
A7 Spiral Tower  
A8 Power Master (Excerpt)  
A9.1 Symphony Of The Worm Pt. 1  
A9.2 Symphony Of The Worm Pt. 2  
A9.3 Symphony Of The Worm Pt. 3  
A9.4 Symphony Of The Worm Pt. 4  
B1 Mayland  
B2 Sophogush  
B3 Gorgos Luminos  
B4 Lovestring  
B5 WAWA Contact  
B6 Spodz  
B7 Magiwoki  
B8 Plastic Bag  
B9 Cement  
B10 224  
B11 Alien Invasion  
B12 Radio Antenna  
A1 is taken from the tape "Walk Like Magic".
A2 to A7 are from the tape "Smack The Dork".
A8 is an excerpt from the "Power Master" tape.
A9 is subdivided in parts 1 through 4 of excerpts from the tape "Symphony Of The Worm".
B1 to B7 are from the tape "Empy Dempy".
B8 to B12 are from the tape "Chaos Mind Theory".

Another "Melt your Mind" tape from LMNF.