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Black Box No. 15 = Breathingspace/77 (Touchstone Series)

Artist: Various

Year: 1978
Country: United States
Catalog No: Watershed Tapes – C-2002
Format: Tape-2
 A1 –Beth Anderson (2) If I Were A Poet 1:15
A2 –Richard Kostelanetz The Declaration Of Independence 10:15
A3 –Philip Corner Peace, Be Still 6:32
A4 –Bruce Andrews Excerpts From Vowels 6:04
A5 –George Quasha & Charles Stein (2) Easter
A6 –George Quasha & Charles Stein (2) Text From Somapoetics 92 12:10
B1 –Charlie Morrow Sunchant 3:50
B2 –Tom Johnson Wolo Yolo
B3 –Tom Johnson Gbda
B4 –Tom Johnson Tomo Lasta
B5 –Tom Johnson Glabl Ap
B6 –Tom Johnson Vzh
B7 –Tom Johnson Lolmo
B8 –Annea Lockwood with Julie Weber Malaman 15:20
C1 –John Cage Writing Through Finnegans Wake: Chapters 1 & 4 13:00
C2 –Bliem Kern Between
C3 –Bliem Kern Horn
C4 –Bliem Kern Clocks
C5 –Bliem Kern Toast
C6 –Bliem Kern Out
C7 –Bliem Kern Both
C8 –Bliem Kern Magweba
C9 –Bliem Kern Lemons
C10 –Bliem Kern Ipits
C11 –Bliem Kern Jealousy 4:20
C12 –Henry Rasof Short Poem
C13 –Henry Rasof Wichita Falls
C14 –Henry Rasof It Is 5:55
C15 –John Wellman (4) & Annamarie Prins Mantices (Mantiek) 7:40
D1 –Jackson MacLow A Word Event For Bici Forbes On The Book Title Lucy Church Amiably 31:25
Edited By – John Wellman (4)
Breathingspace/77 is the first in a series of annual anthologies of the avant-garde.
Also supplied to subscribers as Black Box 15
Published quarterly in Washington D.C. as part of The Watershed Foundation (formerly The New Classroom).