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Beat the Meat

Artist: Various

Year: 1982
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Xcentric Tapes; 002
Format: Tape
A01 –Chaos In Uppsala Kill Bengt  
A02 –Probing Holes The Signal  
A03 –Probing Holes Sign Here Please  
A04 –Tampons Scabby Balls  
A05 –Icon (25) Poser  
A06 –Nobodies Anti Social  
A07 –Incults X Rays  
A08 –Aky Assault And Battery  
A09 –Living Dead Social Disease  
A10 –Living Dead Revolution Is Near  
A11 –Chronic (4) No Time  
A12 –Icon (25) Hate Tomorrow  
A13 –English Pigs We Shall  
A14 –English Pigs Not Be Moved  
A15 –English Pigs Bladen Races  
A16 –Chaos In Uppsala Kill Bengt Pt. 2  
B01 –Mannequin Moves Target UK  
B02 –SJR & Tampons Scabby Balls  
B03 –The Stuff Geriatrics  
B04 –Mannequin Moves Tokyo Harbour  
B05 –Mannequin Moves Baby Love  
B06 –Mind Travel Strangers In The Night  
B07 –Mick Woods Lower 3rd Revival  
B08 –The Stuff Asylum  
B09 –The Stuff I Like Chocolate Bananas  
B10 –Serfdom Beautiful Model  
B11 –Mannequin Moves The Girls We Left Behind  
B12 –Mannequin Moves Automatic Mind Comand  
International Punk & Wave Compilation