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Bad Alchemy 22

Artist: Various

Year: 1993
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Bad Alchemy Nr 22
Format: Tape


    Frau Rosenberger Schläft 14:20
A1a Marko Lehanka Frau Rosenberger Schläft 1  
A1b Marko Lehanka Frau Rosenberger Schläft 2  
A1c Marko Lehanka Frau Rosenberger Schläft 3  
A2 Marko Lehanka Ich Habe Ein Gleis, Ja, Ein Gleis (Ausschnitt) 8:40
B1 Daniel Goode UFO's Made Me Do It 7:20
B2 Anton Batagov Promenade 1 (Aus 'Promenades' (1991)) 7:00
B3 Anton Batagov E Flat Major (Aus 'In Search Of G Major' (1991)) 4:20
B4 B-Shops For The Poor A Rotting Cure 3:50


A1) April '89 - Offenbach
A2) 18.8.'92 - Frankfurt
© Marko Lehanka 1993
B1) Performed first at Ocean County College Planetarium, New Jersey, 1992
© Daniel Goode 1992
B2, B3) © Anton Batagov 1991
B4) © B-Shops For The Poor 1992