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Bad Alchemy 21

Artist: Various

Year: 1993
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Bad Alchemy Nr 21
Format: Tape


A1 Kapotte Muziek Recycling 1 1:00
A2 Thomas Hintner Now Clean Nr. 1 1:10
A3 Thomas Hintner Mosaiksteinchen 1:10
A4 Thomas Hintner Tropfsteinhöhle 0:50
A5 Thomas Hintner Heimkehr Zu Pferd 1:40
A6 Thomas Hintner Klagelied 2:45
A7 Thomas Hintner Gochsheimer Gurkenernte 2:00
A8 Thomas Hintner Strong 0:50
A9 Thomas Hintner Superpophit 1:10
A10 Thomas Hintner Jodler 0:35
A11 Thomas Hintner Old McDonald 3:10
A12 Thomas Hintner Franzos' 2:50
B1 Geru Rudiment 2:50
B2 Doc Wör Mirran Screaming For Breasts 5:00
B3 Kontakta Live 19.6.1991 12:30
B4 Kapotte Muziek Recycling 2 1:00


Accompanied magazine of the same name with articles on Thomas Hintner, Geru, Doc Wör Mirran, Kontakta, Kapotte Muziek, Outside music from Spain, Anckarström, Quiet Artworks, Networking-Tourism.