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Bad Alchemy 16

Artist: Various

Year: 1990
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Bad Alchemy Nr 16
Format: Tape


A1 Aural Corpse Benetton Wool Shop Song 0:04
A2 Aural Corpse Godfuck 1:35
A3 Aural Corpse Die Masonic Lodge Mix 0:43
A4 Fuckpigs PPNA Jericho 1:15
A5 Fuckpigs Causal Primacy 0:22
A6 Fuckpigs In Imaginibus Siderum Habitare Dixisse 1:03
A7 Happy Flowers Pickin' Scabs 1:32
A8 Happy Flowers I Said I Wanna Watch Cartoons  
A9 Rascal Reporters Rat On The Ledge 1:35
B1 Rascal Reporters 532-7632  
B2 Psí Vojáci Vyme? M? Košt?tem 4:52
B3 Rick Wilson Call To Prayer 2:35


A1 to A3) composed by the group.. no further information © Aural Corpse 1990
A4 to A6) composed by the group.. no further information © Fuckpigs 1990
A7, A8) recorded 'live' & totally improvised (no mixing, no overdubs) 23.07.1988 at Inner Ear Studios prod. by HF & Don Zientara
1st takes of songs that are on the Oof LP (Homestead Rec.) © Happy Flowers 1988
A9) written & performed by Steve Gore in 1989 at Gardner Studios in Oak Park, Michigan © Rascal Reporters 1989 ? Yarmulke Music
It's a tribute to Soft Machine's long-lost Mike Ratledge
B1) written & performed by Steve Gore in 1985 at Sonic Crayon Studios in Detroit, Michigan
"The rhythmic structure of the song is based on my home phone number '532-7632'.. It was almost impossible to play the song rhythmically and I had to spend a great deal of time to get the rhythms correct.." © Rascal Reporters 1985 ? Yarmulke Music
B2) © Psí Vojáci 1987
B3) © Rick Wilson 1990