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Bad Alchemy 12

Artist: Various

Year: 1989
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Bad Alchemy Nr 12
Format: Tape


A1 Sten Sandell Now Or Never 12:05
A2 Lach'n Jonsson Dots 3:10
A3 Ur Kaos Crowsong 3:12
A4 Ur Kaos The Poor Man's Grace 2:13
A5 Famlende Forsøk Demiourgos 5:45
A6 People In Sorrow Unknown Pleasure 3:35
B1 Günther Rosipal Man Soll Nichts Vom Zaune Brechen 4:37
B2 People In Sorrow Cophy 5:15
B3 Nachtluft Untitled 5:30
B4 Hans Anliker / Mich Gerber / Günter Müller Untitled 6:05
B5 16-17 Reasons For Operating - Unprovoked Discourtesy! 6:23
B6 Coo Coo Rockin' Time Coo Coo Record Party Time 2:03


A1 - Extract from live performance in Linköping, October 21st 1988 at Jazzclub Complete Communion.
A2 - Extract from studio work in progress, recorded at Forest, 1988.
A3, 4 - Recorded during Spring 1988 at the Forest studio Skog Skattegard Sturefors, Sweden.
B6 - Recorded October 1988.
B1 - Recorded August 1986.
B2 - Recorded May 1988.
B3 - Recorded May 1988 at Moers Festival.
B4 - Excerpt from live performance at WIM Zürich, 14.9.1988.
B5 - Unreleased live recording 1988.