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Bad Alchemy 01

Artist: Various

Year: 1985
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Bad Alchemy Nr 01
Format: Tape
A1 –Homosexuals* My Night Out  
A2 –Débile Menthol* Bout De Mou  
A3 –After Dinner Sepia Ture II  
A4a –Hermine (3) The Story Of A Ridiculous Dummy  
A4b –Het (3) Cloth Ears Cloth  
A5 –Group 180 Etude For Three Mirrors (Ausschnitt)  
A6 –Phil Minton & Roger Turner Ing-A-Ting  
A7 –We Are Frank Chickens* Yellow Detective  
A8 –News From Babel Dry Leaf  
A9 –Dimthings / Ulterior Lux* The Outcome Of Domination (Ausschnitt)  
A10 –Lol Coxhill Live Ausschnitt Am 29. 11. 1984 Im AKWürzburg  
B1 –Danielle Dax Here Come The Harvest Buns  
B2 –Bass Tone Trap AAK  
B3 –Skeleton Crew Live Ausschnitt Am 16. 09. 1987, "Lauschangriff" In Hannover  
B4 –T. Benjamin* / R. Heiloo* / H. Schellinx* / M. Malewicz* Robienie Zakupow  
B5 –T. Benjamin* / R. Heiloo* / H. Schellinx* / L. Santoro* La Parade Sauvage (Ausschnitt)  
B6 –Catherine Jauniaux / Tim Hodgkinson Dream  
B7 –Chris Newman (2) No  
B8 –The Romans* You Only Live Once  
B9 –Conlon Nancarrow Study Nr. 15  
Released as a cassette with magazine.