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Avantgarde Vol. 2

Artist: Various

Year: 1969
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Deutsche Grammophon 643 541/46
Format: Vinyl Lp-6
Spezification: Box-Set
    Gruppe Nuova Consonanza - Improvisationen
A –Gruppe Nuova Consonanza* ... E Poi?  
B1 –Gruppe Nuova Consonanza* Quasiraga  
B2 –Gruppe Nuova Consonanza* Light Music  
B3 –Gruppe Nuova Consonanza* Ancora Un Trio  
B4 –Gruppe Nuova Consonanza* Credo  
    Bernd Alois Zimmermann - Saschko Gawriloff - Siegfried Palm - Aloys Kontarsky - Présence: Ballet Blanc En Cinq Scènes Pour Violon, Violoncelle Et Piano - Intercomunicazione Per Violoncello Et Pianoforte
C1 –Bernd Alois Zimmermann Présence: Scène, Introduction Et Pas D'Action (Don Quichotte)  
C2 –Bernd Alois Zimmermann Présence: Scène, Pas De Deux (Don Quichotte Et Ubu)  
C3 –Bernd Alois Zimmermann Présence: Scène, Solo (Pas D'Ubu)  
C4 –Bernd Alois Zimmermann Présence: Scène, Pas De Deux (Molly Bloom Et Don Quichotte)  
C5 –Bernd Alois Zimmermann Présence: Scène, Pas D'Action Et Finale (Molly Bloom)  
D –Bernd Alois Zimmermann Intercomunicazione  
    John Cage - Dieter Schnebel - Atlas Eclipticalis • Winter Music • Cartridge Music - Glossolalie
E –John Cage Atlas Eclipticalis • Winter Music • Cartridge Music  
F1 –Dieter Schnebel Glossolalie: Introduktion Und Teil I  
F2 –Dieter Schnebel Glossolalie: Teil II  
F3 –Dieter Schnebel Glossolalie: Teil III  
F4 –Dieter Schnebel Glossolalie: Teil IV Mit Epilog — Coda  
    Mauricio Kagel - Dieter Schnebel - Hallelujah - Für Stimmen (...Missa Est)
G –Mauricio Kagel Hallelujah  
H1 –Dieter Schnebel Dt 31  
H2 –Dieter Schnebel AMN  
H3 –Dieter Schnebel ! (Madrasha II)  
    Gottfried Michael Koenig - Zoltán Pongrácz - Rainer Riehn - Terminus II - Funktion Grün - Phonothese - Chants De Maldoror
I1 –Gottfried Michael Koenig Terminus II  
I2 –Gottfried Michael Koenig Funktion Grün  
J1 –Zoltán Pongrácz Phonothese  
J2 –Rainer Riehn Chants De Maldoror  
    Karlheinz Stockhausen - Telemusik - Mixtur
K –Karlheinz Stockhausen Telemusik  
L –Karlheinz Stockhausen Mixtur  
Companies, etc.
  • Pressed By – Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft Pressing Plant
  • Design – Holger Matthies
Box contains 6 Deutsche Grammophon records forming the Avantgarde series Volume 2, with catalogue numbers 643 541 to 643 546.
643 541: Tracks A1-B3 are acoustic improvised music, track B4 is an improvised electronic / concrete piece. Tracks A1-B2 - Gruppe Nuova Consonanza. Track B3 - Branchi / Heinemann / Morricone. Track B4 - Realisation: Studio R 7 (Laboratorio elettronico di musica sperimentale, Roma).
643 542: Présence (1961) Ballet Blanc En Cinq Scènes Pour Violon, Violoncelle Et Piano. Intercomunicazione (1967) Per Violoncello Et Pianoforte.
643 543: Atlas Eclipticalis (1961-62) + Winter Music (1957) controlled by Cartridge Music (1960) recorded at Hilversum, Phonogram-Studio.
The role of "assistant to the conductor" involves control of contact microphones fitted on the instruments. Glossolalie (Definition 1959-60, Version 1961) recorded at Köln, Electrola-Studio.
643 544: Hallelujah composed in 1967. Für Stimmen composed between 1956 and 1968. Produced by Südwest-Tonstudios Stuttgart.
643 545: Realisiert von den Komponisten im Instituut voor Sonologie van de Rijksuniversiteit te Utrecht Studio voor Elektronische Muziek.
643 546: Telemusik (1966) realized at the Studio für Elektronische Music NHK Tokio. Mixtur (1964) for orchestra, sine-wave generators and ring modulators (version for small orchestra), recorded at Westdeutscher Rundfunk Köln.
Backcovers have liner notes in German, English and French.

There are at least two different versions of the box, one made in Germany and the other one made in Austria. One can notice the difference via the labels:
- D.P. - Made in Austria - 643 541 B - ST 33
- Copyright Control - Made in Germany - 643 541 - ST 33 - 1

Some of the albums included were previously released as separate records with different catalogue numbers, like 137 007, 137 009, 137 0011, 137 0012.