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Gender: Male
Country: United Kingdom
Description: Industrial, ‘darkcore’, band setup by Martin Bowes in 1981 and still moving forward and in action today. Without Martin there would of been no Alternative Sounds fanzine which was a catalyst for much of the scene in Coventry, no Alternative sounds and none of the photos in this site would of been taken. An English group, considered one of the pioneers of the dark industrial music ambient origin, founded in 1980 by Julia WALLER and Martin BOWES, who between 1979 and 1981 issued also an independent music magazine ALTERNATIVE SOUNDS. Initially, substantially inspired by the industrial avantgarde of rock music, their music relied on the electroni- cally converted sound of a vibraphone, resonances, tape compositions and disturbing vocalisations. With time, they started to shift towards more popular musical forms. They tried to combine, with varying degrees of success, the characteristic elements of new wave, EBM, gothic rock and even classical music, using acoustic instruments, electronic sound mixers and converters. The group’s output became a canon of electronic rock industrial music, its postmodernism commercial context and of mass culture’s interference effect. Discography: Fear / Devoid (Adventures In Reality 1982) 7” EP split with AUDIO LETER Action And Reaction (Critique Of Leisure Consumption) (Medus Evident 1983) tape Deux Demo’s (Rabbit Records 1983) tape Action And Reaction (SPV Poland / Big Blue 1983) CD Onslaught (Third Mind Records 1983) tape split with ALU (IRRE Tapes 1983) tapesplit with SCHAMANEN CIRCEL Oc?o?o??e??e (Recording Union 1984) 12” EP The Attrition Of Reason (Relic 1984) CD The Voice Of God (Third Mind Records 1984) 12” EP Shrinkwrap / Pendulum Turns (Third Mind Records 1985) 12” EP Smiling, At The Hypogonder Club (Relic 1985) CD split with The LEGENDARY PINK DOTS The Terminal Kaleidoscope (Me?canique Populaire 1985) CD In The Realm Of The Hungry Ghosts (Relic 1986) CD Death House (Hamster Records And Tapes 1987) LP Take Five (Supporti Fonografici 1987) 12” EP At The Fiftieth Gate (Relic 1988) CD Haydn (Remix) (Antler Records 1988) 12” EP Haydn (The Final Session) (Antler Records 1989) 12” EP Turn To Gold (Antler records 1989) 12” EP