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Attack On Stuttgart

Artist: Club Moral

Year: 1983
Country: Belgium
Label: Club Moral
Catalog No: Club Moral, CM07
Format: Tape
Spezification: C60
A1 Hindi Introduction 2:13
A2 The Time That We're In Here 1:05
A3 Randomness 0:30
A4 What I'm Gonna Do About You 1:55
A5 Unknown Movie Scene 1:00
A6 Lonely Weekends 2:44
A7 Mangelmusik 1:03
A8 I Want To Lick You Empty 3:10
A9 Oorlog 1:52
A10 Eating Limbs 1:52
A11 Space, The Final Frontier 1:20
A12 Death Threats 4:23
A13 Hoe Minder Ik Weet 1:27
B1 Hindi Introduction 2:15
B2 Death Threats 5:11
B3 Mangelmusik 2:00
B4 Lonely Weekends 5:28
"Attack on Stuttgart" was the first music performance by Club Moral. It happened on 19 september 1981 on the occasion of a performance event "Das Konzil", organised by Boris Nieslony in the Künstlerhaus of Stuttgart, Germany.