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4 Sept / Machines

Artist: Etat Brut & Danny Devos

Year: 1982
Country: Belgium
Label: Club Moral
Catalog No: Club Moral, CM02 Etat Brut, EB 08
Format: Tape
A1 –Danny Devos* Untitled 4:02
A2 –Danny Devos* Untitled 2:28
A3 –Danny Devos* Untitled 2:12
A4 –Danny Devos* Untitled 4:40
A5 –Danny Devos* Untitled 3:00
A6 –Danny Devos* Untitled 4:45
A7 –Danny Devos* Untitled 7:10
B1 –Etat Brut Introduction 0:25
B2 –Etat Brut Machine 1 3:50
B3 –Etat Brut Machine 2 2:42
B4 –Etat Brut Machine 3 5:30
B5 –Etat Brut Machine 4 4:20
B6 –Etat Brut Machine 5 7:10
There are at least three different cover versions for this release.

1. Jcard features front and spine only, front credits DANNY DEVOS and ETAT BRUT, spine features EB 8 on the right. Cassettes are usually SONY CHF60 with hand written/hand-made stickers.
2. Jcard with an addition flap featuring a fly in close up and the artist names DDV and ETAT BRUT. The back flap features an address: B.P. 1143, B-1000 Brussels 1. The spine features EB 8 on the right side.
3. As version 2 but the EB 8 catalog number is on the left and upside down.