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Antonin Artaud

Gender: Male
Country: Austria
A French poet, actor, theatre theoretician and reformer (1896-1948). In his youth he was associated with surrealism, which resulted in the publication of a poetry volume L’obbilic Des Limbes in 1925. In 1926 he became the head of THE?A?TRE ALFRED JARRY, which pursued the ideas of the THEATRE OF CRUELTY until 1939. He compared that theatre to wild magic and ritual, wherein the participants are put in a trance by means of shock and extreme psychophysical states. Fascinated with Oriental culture and Mexican tribe customs, he sought to create new functions of theatre, which by its totality was meant to infect and mesmerize the sensitivity of the viewer actively involved in the performance. In 1938 he published his most famous work, Theater and Its Double, a collection of manifestos and essays on revolutionary changes in the art of theatre. ARTAUD’s artistic concepts and his THEATRE OF CRUELTY greatly contri- buted to the intellectual formation of industrial culture, especially one of its attributesSHOCK TACTICS. His ideas had great impact on many artists (such as TG, MB, CV), who tried to open artistic vistas for European culture at loggerheads with its own decadence. He also contributed to the creative confrontation of new trends in contemporary music with exotic and primitive cultures (eg ZOVIET  FRANCE, NOCTURNAL  EMISSIONS, 23  SKIDOO, ALLERSEELEN , CRASH  WORSHIP), creating a platform for completely new experiences of a culturally and artistically transgressive nature.