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And His Worlds

Artist: W.B. Yeats

Year: 1981
Country: United Kingdom
Label: Audio Arts
Catalog No: Audio Arts Volume 1 Number 4
Format: Tape
A1 –W.B. Yeats* The Song Of The Old Mother  
A2 –Georgie Yeats The Poet's Children  
A3 –Anne Yeats Memories Of Her Father  
A4 –W.B. Yeats* A Faery Song  
A5 –W.B. Yeats* Under The Round Tower  
A6 –W.B. Yeats* In Memory Of Major Robert Gregory  
A7 –Ulick O'Connor The Swans Of The Liffey  
B1 –Oliver St John Gogarty Yeats And George Moore  
B2 –Anne Yeats Letter To A Friend. Letter From W.B. Yeats To Dorothy Wellesley  
B3 –W.B. Yeats* The Stateman's Holiday  
B4 –W.B. Yeats* Coole Park And Ballylee (Verses 2 & 3)  
B5 –W.B. Yeats* The Lake Isle Of Innisfree  
First published 1974. This is the second printed 1981 as indicated by the cover. Cassette labels (generic Audio Arts label stickers with rubberstamped Side indicator and contents) feature a 1982 copyright.

A1 recorded 1934.
A2 recorded 1949.
A3 recorded 1974.
A4 to A6 are undated.
A7 recorded 1974.
B1 recorded 1949.
B2 and B3 are undated.
B4 and B5 recorded 1937.