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Advertisement Of An Idea 1976

Artist: David Troostwyk

Year: 1976
Country: United Kingdom
Label: Audio Arts
Catalog No: Audio Arts Supplement
Format: Tape
A Advertisement Of An Idea 1976  
B Advertisement Of An Idea 1976  
"On Sunday February 8th 1976 an idea was advertised on a London commercial radio station, Capitol Radio Ltd. This is a condensed recording of the original three hour transmission during which nine identical 15 second commercials advertised and repeated the text of an idea. This recording has retained, without alteration, approximately 45 seconds of the actual programme material that immediately preceded and immediately followed each of the nine 15 second commercials. The text of the advertisement is one of a series of texts applied to various other forms of work by the artist David Troostwyk."

This tape is a supplement to Audio Arts magazine.