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A Guide to heavy Listening 6

Artist: Various

Year: 1995
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Obscure Delight; Obs 23
Format: Tape
A1 –Trespassers W Bodega Slavia  
A2 –L'Edarps A Moth Ich Schlief Heut Nacht Zum Ersten Mal Mit Dir  
A3 –Don Campau Right Now  
A4 –Fred Potter / Evan Alley Doctor Seven  
A5 –The Now! She Won't Be Lonely Anymore  
A6 –Venus Fly Trap Weep Hotel  
A7 –Andy Hunt Kafkaesque  
A8 –Schmertz Der Welten Jesses Maria  
A9 –Magic Moments At Twilight Time Psychojolting  
A10 –B.G. Hanson Back To Work  
B1 –The Third State Running On Empty  
B2 –The Now! The Real Danger  
B3 –B.G. Hanson One More Ride On The Carousel  
B4 –L'Edarps A Moth Johnny's Room  
B5 –Don Campau It's Only A Job  
B6 –Venus Fly Trap Ruby Red  
B7 –Schmertz Der Welten Morgens Beim Frühstück  
B8 –Trespassers W Straight Madness  
B9 –Evan Alley / Fred Potter Carla  
B10 –Charlie Smith (4) Eden  
B11 –Andy Savage I Drove All Night  
B12 –T.U.O.B. One Seven One