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A Cool Dark Place To Die

Artist: Theatre Of Ice

Year: 1985
Country: United States
Catalog No: Demented Mind Mill, 008
Format: Tape
A1 Welcome To My World  
A2 A Cool Dark Place To Die  
A3 Radio Has Gone Insane  
A4 Deliverence  
A5 Love  
A6 Twilight Messiah  
A7 Witchcraft  
A8 Circle Of Stars  
A9 The Calling  
A10 Rejoice  
A11 Life Is A Circus  
B1 Oblivion  
B2 It's All Over Now  
B3 Riding The Nightmare  
B4 Candlemas  
B5 The Murdering Mind  
B6 One Two  
B7 Overcoming Peace Of Mind  
B8 The Horror That Comes In The Night  
B9 Death... And Beyond  
B10 The Last  
  • Synthesizer, Guitar, Percussion, Music By – John Johnson (32)
  • Vocals, Drums, Guitar, Electronics, Horns, Producer, Lyrics By, Music By – Brent Johnson
Recorded at the Demented Mind Mill and live at various locations between November 23rd and April 10th, 1985.
Special thanks to: Mark Johnson, Eric Johnson, Lyle Johnson, Chris Johnson, Mom, Dad & Chub.