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A Consonant Vowel

Artist: Various

Year: 1988
Country: United States
Catalog No: C.A.G.E. Records
Format: Vinyl Lp
A1 –Ed Meyers (2) Swings  
A2 –Amy Sparks & Dennis Maxfield How Many Say Amen  
A3 –Tom Mulready Mmmmake Mme Wonder  
A4 –Gail Williams (2) Doctor Says "Huh"  
A5 –Lopez Sophisticates Flog  
A6 –Auquatics Ever Tarnish Euy  
A7 –Paula Froehle* Chasm  
A8 –M.W. Burns Collision  
A9 –Charlotte Pressler Inspector  
B1 –Backyard Mechanics Doug  
B2 –John Bennett* Omeyocan  
B3 –Contraption #37 A Color Named Nothing  
B4 –Christina Dallas Untitled  
B5 –Tim Schwallie T.V. Vietnam  
B6 –David Lewis (6) Prayer Of Death  
B7 –Minoy Serpent's Wail  
B8 –Charlotte Schmitz Power Pad  
B9 –Daryl W. Keeling / Steven Hayes / Shari Lauter / Jerry Nuckols And Mark Tully-Chenault Dedicated...  
  • Design [Album Design], Photography By, Liner Notes, Producer – Jason Tannen
  • Liner Notes, Producer – Carole Paine
C.A.G.E.'s second record project, "A / Consonant / Vowel" presents 18 exciting works of audio art, language performance and sound poetry. Initiated to encourage the production of experimental audio works, this album creates an exciting and evocative audio landscape. Artists responded to a national call for tape samples and the 18 project participants were selected by an outside review panel. These artists represent a broad spectrum of visual, media and performance activity. The pieces featured on "A / Consonant / Vowel" were selected for their innovative and challenging use of sound and voice. The diverse approaches utilized include spoken word, manipulated voice, musical patterning, fragmentation, and re-mixed found material. A showcase for these energetic sound works "A / Consonant / Vowel" is itslef a work of audio art.

What is audio art? It's a book by James Joyce read aloud from any point in the text; an audio tape loop repeating an endless phrase, developing its own singular meaning; a reading performed as traditional poetry or storytelling as oral presentation. Since July 1986 C.A.G.E. has showcased local and regional sound and audio artists through its "A / Consonant / Vowel" open reading series. This series has recognized the regional and national scope of artists working in this medium. The record project is a result of that recognition. Audio exploration by artists is not a new venture, but is a rapidly growing and dynamically developing medium of expression. Language as sound and the use of our own voices is the most rapid and direct form of expression available to us. In the information age this is an art form destined to proliferate. The artists on this record share the common bond of creating new traditions, re-establishing old ones, and developing language and sound as recognized art forms.