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Volatile Volitions

Artist: Charles Rice Goff III

Year: 1990
Country: United States
Label: Ecto Tapes
Catalog No: Ecto Tapes Ecto 27, Taped Rugs Productions TR #25
Format: Tape
A1 Fink Void  
A2 Joy’s Family Kept Very Large Dogs  
A3 The Lover I Thought I Wanted  
A4 Big Surprise  
A5 It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference  
A6 The Things That They Are  
A7 Social Dealings  
A8 Once In A While We Hugged  
A9 Uncle Fester And Moamar Khadafy  
A10 Surrendering The Corpse  
A11 Evolved Into A Seashell  
A13 Ready Steady Go  
B1 The Earth’s Crust  
B2 In The Head With Plastic Goo  
B3 Heroin  
B4 Intimacy Of A Broken Leaf  
B5 Of A Sweet Love  
B6 Friendly Glow  
B7 They Wanted To Survive In A Good Way  
B8 Those Were The Days  
B9 Envelopes  
B10 Spin Spin Spin  
B11 In My File  
B12 Now I Know