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This is your brain on Drugs

Artist: Your Brain On Drugs

Year: 1990
Country: United States
Catalog No: Dancing Bear Audio Research; DBAR 004
Format: Tape
A1 The Kill Each Other Specialists  
A2 5/90  
A3 More 5/90  
A4 NFZ (Nuclear Free Zone)  
A5 Me & The Insects  
A6 Psychedelic, Man  
B7 8/25/90  
B8 8/25/90  
B9 8/25/90  
B10 8/25/90  
B11 9/8/90  
B12 9/8/90  
B13 NYS Police Radio Check  
Companies, etc.
  • Copyright (c) – Dancing Bear Audio Research
  • Bass, Synth [Synths], Drum Machine, Tape [Found Vocals], Electronics [Various Other] – Pete Solo
All live except A1 - found vocal traks [sic!]. (Warning: The Kill Each Other Specialists contains overdubbed music)
Tracks A2 to A6 are from Warwick NY.
Tracks B7 to B13 are from the 2 summer parties at John +Tammy's place in Sprakers NY.

© 1990 DBAR