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The Time Is Nigh..The Hags Are Coming

Artist: Hagar The Womb

Year: 1985
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Acid Rain Products
Format: Tape
A1 Dressed To Kill  
A2 By Force  
A3 Todays Miss World  
A4 For The Ferryman  
A5 Routine  
A6 Cardboard Theatre  
A7 Armchair Observer  
A8 What's Your Flag?  
B1 Truth  
B2 Once Proud Now Dead  
B3 Rock 'N' Roll Part Hagar  
B4 Truth Love & Faith  
B5 Puff / Dressed To Kill  
B6 Dressed To Kill  
B7 Truth  
  • Artwork – Robin D*
One interview in the middle of a room + t'other a road.
A1-B4 Live Gig (unknown date/venue)
B5 Puff/Dressed To Kill - 1st Ever Gig Wapping Dec '81 (Puff is an acapella version of the song Puff The Magic Dragon with alternative lyric).
B6+B7 Dressed To Kill/Truth - Studio recordings