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The Best Of Robert Haigh

Artist: Robert Haigh

Year: 1987
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: United Dairies, UDT34
Format: Tape
A1 –Fote Perfect Sence  
A2 –Fote Lost Toy  
A3 –Fote Permanent  
A4 –Fote Put House  
A5 –Fote Tracentury  
A6 –Fote Shaking The House  
A7 –Fote Cross Garden  
A8 –Fote Undergroud Games  
B1 –Sema The Over Yellow  
B2 –Sema The Pleasure Of The Text  
B3 –Sema Rosa Silber  
B4 –Robert Haigh Piano Solo  
A1 to 5 = Fote "Perfect Sense" 12" EP
A6 to 8 = Fote "Shaking The House" 12" EP
B1 also found on Various "Ohrensausen" LP by Sema
B2 also found on Various "Devistate To Liberate" LP by Sema
B3 = alternate or extended version of "Extract From Rosa Silber",(?) by Sema

The group and project names appear nowhere on this release.

Late issued with the number UDT 033 to make up for the deletion of the Uli Trepte tape in the series.