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Radio Code

Artist: Yasunori Taniguchi

Year: 1989
Country: Japan
Label: AQM
Catalog No: AQM
Format: Tape
A Untitled  
B Untitled  
(from text insert):


The first recorded solo work by Taniguchi, performed on the oil barrel he's played for O' NANCY IN FRENCH and the trio C. V. MASSAGE, by touching an amplified contact microphone to the barrel with one hand and altering the pitch of the resulting feedback with one finger of the other.

Recorded at Sun Studio; Gotemba, Japan.

Introduction on Side A by Katsu Mizumachi.

comes with standard Radio Code j-card, a transparent insert with red print and a white paper text insert

Radio Code is a pirate FM radio broadcast by John Duncan, first in Tokyo, later in Amsterdam