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Nihilist Spasm Band

Gender: Male
Country: Canada
Description: A Canadian free jazz and free improvisation band, considered by many pioneers of the industrial noise genre and a source of inspiration to major industrial music artists, e.g. HIJOKAIDAN, NULL, INCAPACITANTS, NURSE WITH WOUND, and Carlos GIFFONI. It was started in 1965 by Greg CURNOE (1936-1992) to make a soundtrack to his own experimental film e?tude entitled No Movie. For that purpose he recruited a group of artists who had no prior involvement in music or skill in any musical instrument: John BOYLE (b. 1941), Bill EXLEY (b. 1939), Murray FAVRO (b. 1940), Hugh McINTYRE (1936-2004), and Art PRATTEN (b. 1939). In 1967 they were joined by John CLEMENT (b. 1943) and Archie LEITCH (who quit in 1969). Their unusual, regularly held concerts are bucolic affairs, where the musician perform freely, following their intuition and spontaneous sense of rhythm and sonic narration. The group deliberately rejects any music making conventions and tools, as they consider that kind of rebellion the only way to express their sensitivity and artistic temperament. Their instrumentation consists solely of self-modified and provisionally modified traditional instruments, e.g. single or three-stringed guitars, metal flutes, violins, theremin, unconventional drum kits, and prepared brass instru- ments. Seemingly chaotic, uncoordinated and highly disharmonic, aboun- ding in numerous, multi-coloured dissonances and surprising arrangement, their works evade any aesthetic standards. The group has persistently denied that their work is a vehicle for any philosophical or art ideas, and maintains that their unchanged and sole ambition is to derive unrestrained pleasure from spontaneous live interaction between them and the audience while performing on stage. Discography: split with John CHAMBERS The Sweetest Country (The Society For Art Publications 1967) 7” EP No Record (Alchemy Records 1968) CD Vol. 2 (Alchemy Records 1979) CD 1984 (Alchemy Records 1984) CD ¬x~x=x (Alchemy Records 1985) CD