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Gender: Male
Country: Netherlands
Description: A Dutch duo, operating between 1984-1986, associated with the industrial avant-garde of rock music, formed by the brothers, Luk and Mark SPONSELEE, closely involved in the 1980s in the foundation, ZESDE KOLONNE. Theirs was an elaborately arranged body of work, relying on looped, multi-level collages, irregular yet dynamic rhythm lines, processed vocals, and sampled excerpts from radio broadcasts. The instrumentation included a drum machine, synthesizers, guitars, metal junk, and industrial machinery. After disbanding, Luk became engaged in film directing and organising cultural events, whilst remained involved in joint musical projects with other artists only occasionally. From 1990 until 2002 they were both involved in the band 35007. In 2008, along with his brother, he started the GROUP ART FOU project, and two years later they briefly reactivated MTVS for a joint recording session with their friends ZOMBIES UNDER STRESS, a 1980s industrial group, which evolved to the group sMTvUz. Discography: Metamorvoos (Kaissette 1984) tape Mutant (Kaissette 1984) tape Mental Mechanism (6de Kolonne 1985) tape Backpigs (6de Kolonne 1986) tape