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La Nomenklatur

Gender: Male
Country: France
Description: A French solo project, operating since 1986, but intermittently from 1992 to 2011. The man behind it, an experimental post-industrial music composer Philippe ESCARTIN, has been active since 1984, first as a mem- ber of industrial noise outfit MINAMATA, alongside Marie CARDENNE aka SØNNTAG and XAVIER. Its music evinced his fascination with the deafening din of factory machinery at work, its cacophonous motorik qualities and trance-inducing bruitism. Formally simple, made only with irregular rhythms of metallic percussion instruments, including the drum machine, and furiously delivered and highly electronically processed vocals, it ema- nated remarkable tonal intensity and expression. The lyrics made refe- rences to the avant-garde art of the early 1900s or evoked dark visions of widespread indoctrination, uniformity of life in society and deprivation of individuality. His live performances were enhanced with screenings of documentaries on wars, often with drastic footage and propaganda materials on technological and civilisation progress. After he resumed operations under the NKT and MINAMATA monikers in 2009, his music showed a slight shift towards territories more sophisticated sonically, as apart from typically industrial elements, it included those of experimental ambient or even neoclassical music. Selected discography: as MINAMATA Mit Lautem Geschrei (New Wave Records 1984) tape as MINAMATA Methylmercure (Europa 1985) tape as MINAMATA Niigata (Zone De Confusion 1986) CD La Le?gende Des Voix (Ant-Zen 1986) CD as MINAMATA Re?siduels (Les Nouvelles Propagandes 1987) tape ?tre Et Durer (Les Nouvelles Propagandes 1987) tape Asile De Nuit (Les Nouvelles Propagandes 1988) tape Interde?pendance Interpe?ne?tration (Les Nouvelles Propagandes 1988) tape split with BRUME Meosta (La Le?gende Des Voix 1989) LP Autoportrait (La Le?gende Des Voix 1990) tape