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Gerechtigkeits Liga

Gender: Male
Country: United Kingdom
A German project associated with the industrial avant-garde of rock music and its post-industrial varieties. It was started in 1981 by Till BRÜGGEMANN, Frank STROPKEN and Hendrik NORMANN, formerly of a punk rock and new wave group E-605. Frank and Hendrik departed two years later and were replaced in 1983 by Thomas FURCH. The core duo has occasionally been aided by Sven RO?HRICH, Jason GILLAM and lately by RAGNAR, to name a few. They gained considerable acclaim due to their multi-media live appearances which involved screenings of self-edited films, slide shows and para-theatrical performances. Not shy of employing shock tactics methods, they had some of their concerts interrupted or even banned, possibly also due to accusations of making references to fascism and genocides at WW2 concentration camps. Their works rely on field recordings, tape collages of the sounds of industrial machinery at work and excerpts from radio and television programmes, which were complemented with irregular trance rhythm of drum machines, metal and drum percussion, psychedelic caco- phony of guitars, analogue multi-effect units and sequencers. Their music is meant to reflect their own neurotic obsessions, feeling of alienation and depressive states of mind. In 1987 BRÜGGEMANN emigrated to London, which soon resulted in shelving the project for many years. While he him- self cooperated briefly with some members of SPK. While being an extra in Stanley KUBRICK’s film Full Metal Jacket, he took the opportunity to secretly shot some super 8 footage on location, that he later cleverly inte- grated in some of his future films and video projects. Till also participated in Derek JARMAN’s film War Requiem, being given a substantial acting part. Reactivated in 2005, G.L. has remained faithful to its original style of the 1980s. In the early 1980s BRU?GGEMANN ran his own record label, LAUSCH- LABEL, renamed ZYKLUS RECORDS in 1982. Discography: Alfred (Gerechtigkeits Liga 1982) tape Die Fro?hlichen Helden (Gerechtigkeits Liga 1982) tape Der Scho?pferische Augenblick (Gerechtigkeits Liga 1982) tape Aus Liebe Zum Imperium (Zyklus Records 1982) tape Live Cafe Grun (Zyklus Records 1982) tape Scenes We’d Like To See (Lausch-Label 1982) tape Zwaenge Der Entfremdung (Zyklus Records 1982) VHS Hamburg Fischmarkt (Zyklus Records 1983) tape Primitive Culture in the Society (Zyklus Records 1983) VHS Hamburg Live YMCA Club (Zyklus Records 1983) tape Live Bielefeld (Zyklus Records 1983) tape Studio Outtakes (Zyklus Records 1983) tape Live In Antwerpen (Zyklus Records 1984) 2 x tape Live In Paris At Radio Nova (Zyklus Records 1984) tape London Live Friday The Thirteenth (Zyklus Records 1984) tape The Games Must Go On (Zyklus Records 1984) 12” EP Hypnotischer Existenzialismus (Side Effects 1985) LP Visual Extracts (Zyklus Records 1985) VHS