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Debt Of Nature

Gender: Male
Country: United States
Description: An American group with an irregular line-up, dealing in avant-garde rock, punk and industrial music, who operated in 1981-1987. Its founder and sole regular member was Brad LANER (b. 1966), a prolific composer, guita- rist, drummer and music producer, known for appearing with some groups he started himself (e.g. STEAMING COILS, MEDICINE, ELECTRIC COMPANY) and aiding a number of well-known bands (e.g. SAVAGE REPUBLIC, ZURICH 1916, VOX POP, NERVOUS GENDER). He collaborated with the artists of the LOS ANGELES FREE MUSIC SOCIETY, and in 1982-83, under the BERND LEITZ moniker, he, Matthias FA?LLER and Mike FEY used to run the legendary industrial project STAHLBAU, whose line-up was complemented by MFZ, Wenden BALDWIN, Jim GOODALL (aka DONKEY DONKEY DOBSON), Spencer SAVAGE and John TRUBEE. DEBT OF NATURE gained considerable accla- im for their unusual live performances that often morphed into rampant improvisation much in vein of AMM and the LOS ANGELES FREE MUSIC SOCIETY artists. Their music was made with the use of various acoustic instruments, an analogue synthesizer, electronic processors, noise genera- tor, radio receiver and pre-prepared sound collages on tape. Discography: Pets Have Fears Too (Real Big Dog 1981) tape as Brad LANER/8363 Vol. 1-5 (Party Sound Tapes 1982-1984) 5 x tape Robin Diamond’s Lungs (A.R.P.H. Tapes 1982) tape as MFZ TGTAPE (Party Sound Tapes 1982) tape as STAHLBAU To?dlich Verunglu?ckt (A.R.P.H. Tapes 1982) tape Food Music (Gleet audio 1983) tape Idiot Stick (Party Sound Tapes 1983) tape 1981 vol. 1 (Jookie Thrills 1983) tape as STAHLBAU Die Macht Der Reichen (Aeon 1983) tape Pets Have Fears Two (Party Sound Tapes 1983) tape Live (Goodall Tapes 1985) tape as Brad LANER Blind Force (Goodall Tapes 1985) tape