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City Of Worms

Gender: Male
Country: United States
Description: An American group associated with the experimental post-industrial movement, run from 1987 to 1989 by George ERICKSON, Steve BECK- NER and Jeph JERMAN, who had previously cooperated with the groups BLOWHOLE and ATROCITY EXHIBITION. They produced a sophistica- ted body of work, skilfully drawing on from industrial avant-garde rock music, academic electronic music, ambient music and industrial noise. They solely used analogue sound generating devices, a sampler and pre-recorded tapes with bruitist collages. The sonic aspect of their live performances was complemented with abstract film screenings. Discography: City Of Worms (The Subelecktrick Institute 1987) tape Crumnants (Sound Of Pig 1987) tape Gaggle (Big Body Parts 1987) tape Geistig (Big Body Parts 1987) tape Ungulate (Big Body Parts 1987) tape Fester (Big Body Parts 1987) tape Grist (Big Body Parts 1987) tape Suckgun (Big Body Parts 1987) tape Easter (Big Body Parts 1987) tape Architures (Big Body Parts 1987) tapeFetishist (Big Body Parts 1987) tape Plaganism (Big Body Parts 1987) tape Scarification (Big Body Parts 1987) tape Slate (Big Body Parts 1987) tape Ashent (Big Body Parts 1988) tape split with ILLUSION OF SAFETY Live COS 7/7/88 (Big Body Parts 1988) tape H.C.A. (Harsh Reality Music 1989) tape Whime (Impulsy Stetoskopu 1988) CD-R split with ILLUSION OF SAFETY/Eric LUNDE Milago - Live In Milwaukee & Chicago July 1989 (Big Body Parts 1989) tape Prequite (Big Body Parts 1989) tape Quall (Big Body Parts 1989) tape Bescow (Big Body Parts 1989) tape Quester (IRRE Tapes 1989) tape Metabolic (Sounds For Consciousness Rape 1990) tape collaboration with PBK/John HUDAK/ILLUSION OF SAFETY Step Into The Step (Harsh Reality Music 1990) tape