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Alien Brains

Gender: Male
Country: United Kingdom
Industrial and experimental project begun by Nigel Jacklin in 1979 while still at school. The first releases were solo recordings, but the group grew to feature a number of guest musicians including Allen Adams, Bendle, Gogo Bonomo, Rod Gordon, Truus de Groot, David Jackman, Mark Lancaster, Chris Lines, Nag (2), Protag, Neal Purvis, Philip Rupenus, Richard Rupenus, Philip Sanderson, Harold Schellinx and various public schoolboys. The group later became Verdenskang. Members: Mark Lancaster, Neal Purvis, Nigel Jacklin, Philip Rupenus, Richard Rupenus Nigel Jacklin of Alien Brains, A rather obscure though quite seminal English composer, arguably a pioneer of the experimental post-industrial genre, active between 1979 and 1985. He’s best known for his project ALIEN BRAINS (later renamed VERDENSKANG), in which he co-operated with the likes of Allen ADAMS, David JACKMAN, Philip RUPENUS, Richard RUPENUS, Philip SANDERSON and Harold SCHELLINX. Inspired by TG and J.CAGE, his works employed elements of musique concre?te and the industrial avant-garde of rock music, which he subjected to Dadaist formal modifications. His tools of the trade included urban field record- ings, sounds of struck everyday objects and devices, as well as uncon- ventionally applied traditional acoustic instruments or guitar multi-effect units. Through his use of pre-recorded tape collages he made references to surreal sensitivity, subconscious fears and the chaos of contemporary civilisation.Discography: as ALIEN BRAINS Menial Disorders (Deleted Records 1980) tape as ALIEN BRAINS Blatently Nihilist (Fashionable Trousers 1980) tape as ALIEN BRAINS Natural Disasters (Alien Brains 1980) tape as ALIEN BRAINS IV (Alien Brains 1980) tape as ALIEN BRAINS Der Blaunk Teps (Alien Brains 1980) tape as ALIEN BRAINS British Interiors (Alien Brains ???) tape as ALIEN BRAINS Live At The Basement (Tub Of Guts 1982) LP as VERDENSKANG And It’s There (ADN 1985) tape