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Artist: Sudden Infant

Year: 1993
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Artware Production
Format: Tape
A Kölliken/Kölliken 22:47
B1 Bodelegisile/Bodelegisile 2:14
B2 Chutney Frusley/Chutney Frusley 2:15
B3 Partikularismus/Particularism 2:35
B4 Wir Sind Eine Schreckliche Familie/We're A Happy Family (Ramones) 2:34
B5 Elisabeth Kopp/Elisabeth Kopp 0:44
B6 Achtung/Attention 1:59
B7 Säg Öppis/Say Something 1:32
B8 Männliche Genitalen/Male Genitals 2 1:16
B9 Suckfuckmycockkill/Saufgickschweinlanz 1:05
B10 Abreaktion/Abreaction 2:14
B11 Massmanipulation/Massenmanipulation 0:33
B12 Industrial Music Makes Me Sick/Jawohl! 3:24
  • Performer [Execution] – Joke Lanz
Comes in smashed tin can with a sticker on the front side. Included is a 2-sided 40x10,5 cm rolled info-sheet.
Side A is called X, side B is called XX.
All sounds recorded 1992 except Track B6 recorded 1993 in Portland, USA.