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Artist: Esplendor Geometrico

Year: 1985
Country: Spain
Label: EGK
Catalog No: EGK 001
Format: Tape
Spezification: C60
A1 Sin Títulos  
A2 Sin Títulos  
A3 Sin Títulos  
A4 Sin Títulos  
A5 Relax  
A6 Horno Fundidor  
A7 Unidad De Control  
A8 Extractos De La 1e Actuación En Nov. 1980, Madrid  
A9 Extractos De La 1e Actuación En Nov. 1980, Madrid  
B1 Zyhra Mansi  
B2 Necrosis En La Poya  
B3 P.I.E.  
B4 Negros Hambrientos  
B5 Pradillo 12  
B6 El Expreso De Tistutin  
B7 Final  
Limited & numbered first edition of 100.
Includes old unpublished tracks plus the single "Necrosis En La Poya" released in 1981.
Rereleased on cassette in 1988 and 1991 by Linea Alternativa.

Tracks A1-A7: from the first E.G. demo (1980)
Tracks A8 and A9: from first live performance November 1980 in Vanguardia Shop
Track B1 and B3-B5: recorded in 1981
Track B2-B4 from "Necrosis en la Poya" 7inch (Tic Tac TTS-3SU, Spain 1981)