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Alias: Dietrich Albrecht, Albrecht D, Albrecht/d.
Gender: Male
Country: Germany
The artistic pseudonym of Dietrich ALBRECHT (b. 1944), a contemporary German avant-garde artist. He debuted in 1966, actively participating in the FLUXUS movement and taking part in numerous happenings. He was fascinated with Dadaism, especially in the works of Raoul HAUSMANN. In collaboration with Joseph BEUYS, Wolf VOSTELL, Nam June PAIK and others, he produced a number of audiovisual installations, exhibitions, concerts and performances in the 1970s. Owing to his involvement in mail art, he started a close cooperation with Genesis P-ORRIDGE, the result of which was a brief recording session with THROBBING GRISTLE in 1976 ?An Italian ritual industrial/neo-folk band, started in 1984 by FORENOVIS, Claudio GIANMARINI (aka ClauDEDI) and Toni PETTINI (aka THX), who play- ed in new-wave and punk bands inspired by magic, occultism, Aleister CROWLEY, Julius EVOLA and PSYCHIC TV. The band’s name is a term from Jewish philosophy denoting infinite divinity, which refers to both the first as well the subsequent incarnations of the universe. The facade of the- ir fascination with paganism, magic and occultism conceals the group’s denial of the supremacy of Judeo-Christian tradition. Due to the symbo- lism and nature of their live performances, resembling Fascist rallies, the band has often met with fierce criticism and objections from the public. They have been accused of gratuitous propagation of a cult of force, nihi- lism and intellectual flirting with Nazi concepts. THX left the band in 1985 (to return in 2000). FORENOVIS quit five years later. In 1988, the band was joined by Marcello FRAIOLO (aka SPECTRAE). The early stage of their care- er, culminating in the Kshatriya album, brought music that was a mixture of avant-garde rock, tribal rituals and medieval sacred music. After 1990 their style underwent considerable changes, as elements of neofolk and psychedelia became prevalent. A large number of artists have cooperated with the group, e.g. Steve STROLL, Chris BLAZEN (ex-BLAZEN Y SHARP), GPC, ELIANA, Corrado MANCINI. Also, GIANMARINI has been running his own MISTY CIRCLES label since 1984.